According to AKG, the diaphragm shape was designed with a special surround which is purported to minimise the breakup modes which occur when different sections of the diaphragm vibrate in different ways, rather than the structure acting as a true piston. Hi Mike, first af all thanks for your very nice review. Listening side by side with my K, them two have completely different sound. No resonances around 1kHz and no resonances around 2. Condition of the pads affects the response as well. I retired my Ks after 10 years of listening, during which I occasionally drifted to Grado s in search of more visceral bass slam, but always came back.

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My old KDF was Ohms. I love K pads; most comfortable for me of any. Small Print Terms of use Privacy. Reply May 12, Mike.

Reply March 14, Kolten F. On the Grace m amp, the finally has a proper low end impact. Have you ever wondered why people don’t just mix all their music on headphones?

You can hear the bass perfectly but you never get to feel it, and I guess that is down to the fact that loudspeakers affect the whole body, whereas headphones couple only with the ears. Did a wrong aakg and sold them. Which one you find better for acoustic and classical musical?


PROS Good, balanced sound. However, closer inspection reveals that the jack screws apart alg a 3. I have found three different drivers in my collection of the Ks, all sounding quite different.

Sounds good with Jazz and classical. To my ears, this modified K makes my records sound more lifelike and involving than, and Hi Amigastar, The K is one of the trickiest headphone to drive.

Reply March 13, indikator. The Shure also offers more inner detail, but less of a sense of spaciousness than the K Logged Few things keep me sane: While this makes it difficult to predict the effect of the same musical mix over loudspeakers, it can be helpful in checking that all the sounds are where they were intended to be and that any stereo effects sound properly balanced.

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While it did have an edge to it at normal listening levels around 80dBA it certainly did not sound as bad as the measurements would suggest. No resonances around 1kHz and no resonances around 2. Reply June 18, Mike. I do not use smoothing because some info about sound quality is lost when plots are smoothed. Recording Musician – Dec Wkg visit our Privacy Policy page for more information about cookies and how we use them.


AKG K500 Headphone Reviews

They are VERY precise, which might not be everyones taste. AKG plan to remove the surcharge when the exchange rate improves.

The Shure and the Grados I’ve used: Reply June 7, Amigastar. Review by Paul White. Or you can skip the hassle and get a Wkg HD and get tight punchy bass without needing any amp at all. With headphones, there is a very high degree of separation between the signals presented to the two ears, which produces an artificially enhanced sensation of stereo imaging.

This headphone does start to distort at higher listening levels much sooner than most other headphones. Last time I can get some real bass out of it was with the Grace m Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. The frequency plots indeed resemble each other quite closely and with both headphones having similar pads the sound very similar as well.