It is the only member of the family that can play without resampling and this is both a plus and a caveat depending on what you want to play. While Ensoniq’s approach generally worked with most games, some older games had problems detecting the virtualized hardware on some systems. This thread is locked. The following files are provided as a supportive resource to help individuals needing configuration, initialization, or related utilities to enable a now unsupported soundcard to function under DOS for converter. Note that the ESS AudioDrive doesn’t require any driver to function with converter – it is hardware compatible with the SoundBlaster Pro series, and all its jumper settings are printed on the card itself. Also, this card has an interesting history. Towards the end of the s, Ensoniq was struggling financially.

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AudioPCI, while designed to be cheap, is still quite functional. Done it’s as easy as that! This especially applies to soundcards which require bootup initialization in order to provide SoundBlaster Pro or SoundBlaster 16 compatibility modes.

Easy MAMECab — Sound Blaster DOS drivers

If you would like it to be loaded automatically each time you boot your computer, place the command to run it ie. Now because Ensoniq was purchased by Creative, there are two drivers floating around!

However, without actual hardware for FM synthesisFM music and sound effects were simulated using samples, often with unacceptable results. This page was last modified on 12 Marchat Whenever I start a game, I get this prompt: Logitech also provides a DOS mouse driver which can be used with most pointing devices available, although it doesn’t support USB devices.


Then I got a Live! We haven’t personally tested converter on FreeDos, however it should most likely work as this project is quite mature at this point. I’ve got the most unusual problems. Views Read View source View history. Follow the alternative soundcard driver links at the top of this page if you require a more complete range of drivers for these cards.

Space Quest 5 doesn’t start with Sound Blaster enabled. Their cards competed against Creative Labs’ offerings.

Logitech Dos Mouse Driver. WIN 9x Note that this card does not provide even SoundBlaster Pro audio compatibility, and thus will not function for audio input in converter. The chip was capable of spatializing all audio automatically, but still required DirectSound3D usage for specific localization of sounds. enspniq

Retrieved from ” https: So with these games just select Soundscape. An alternative generic DOS mouse driver, which is opensource, is cutemouse.

For additional drivers, click here to access Realtek’s driver archive. But the bigger patch sets change the guitar out and it sounds much better. WIN 9x For additional files not listed here, visit Advanced Gravis’ soundcard driver download page the soundcard files are at the bottom of the page, and there is a link to the full index of their ftp server at the bottom as well.


Ensoniq was a popular electronic musical instrument and sound processor company that produced sound cards during ensomiq s.

The final sound card from Ensoniq is a very cost-reduced PCI card that is almost entirely host-driven software-based. The only valid result is this page. They may have a demos section.

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converter support

Therefore, it was practical to configure DOS games to utilize the General MIDI synthesizer and digital sound effects, whenever possible, for better sound quality. Here’s some files and links which may be useful when setting up or maintaining an older computer. An oddity is that the rear channel was connected to the same output jack as line input. However, this card will provide MPU midi support. Unzip it, run the install utility included in the file under dos, go to the directory it was installed to and run register.

Everything works I can hear sound.