Engine communication error controller on the Main Board Assy. For the operational procedure, follow the instructions shown by the program. Page 3 Indicates an operating or maintenance procedure, practice or Manual Configuration condition that, if not strictly observed, would result in injury or loss of life. Remove the four screws. Page of Go. Print the status sheet. Pull the Developing Unit toward you to remove it.

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Chapter 4disassembly And Assembly 4. Polygon motor Drives the polygon mirror.

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Open the Top Cover and the Front Cover. Do not use vacuum cleaner for home use to clean up spills of Before performing repair and maintenance work, read and powdered toners. PF cassette switch Detects the existence of the cassette.

Remove the four screws, and remove the Laser Scanner Unit. Open the Rear Cover. A vertical black line appears on the printout.

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Oval shape End of the Shaft 1. The printed image on the upper right side scanning start position of the page is wavy. Disengage the two hooks by inserting a flat-blade screwdriver or similar tool into a gap between the Top Cover and the Paper Feed Unit, and remove the Top Cover.


Toner epwon to the magnet sleeve since it is This manual consists of the following seven chapters: Open the duplex cover.

Remove the four screws. Remove the Middle Roller from the shaft and the two bearing retainers. Pull the Developing Unit toward you to remove it. Registration sensor Detects the timing of primary paper feed. Disconnect the connector, and release the cable from the cable retainers.

Pull out the right shaft of the Rear Cover as seen from the rear using a flat-blade screwdriver or similar tool, and remove the Rear Cover.

Select the [Optional settings] tab of the printer driver. Disconnect the 13 connectors from the Main Lp-e300n Assy. Pull out the bushing. When attaching the Transfer Roller, push the release lever to lift its front end, and put the gear shaft under the front end of the lever. The paper has become If the paper has become curled, replace the paper.


Remove the Paper Feed Unit upward. Disconnect the connector from the Main Board Assy, and release the cable from the Clamp. Areas of the printed image are missing. After turning the power off for both the printer and computer, connect them with a parallel or USB cable. YC Feed Feed Fuser unit Do not connect any other devices to the electrical outlet supplying Never modify the product. List of Printer Messages Table PF paper sensor Detects the presence of paper in the cassette.

Part Names Table Disengage the two hooks from the back of the cassette, and remove the Separation Roller. See the table below for recent updates.

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