Electrical Power System Different Types Of Hot Spots In Electrical Installations 7 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations Different types of hot spots in electrical installations 7. Classification Of Faults When using the power supply, the battery will — Classification Of Faults 7 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations ;a4 Figure 7.

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Theory Of Thermography Theory of thermography The one in the middle is colder than the others. Page 45 – Inductive heating Page 46 – Varying cooling conditions Page 47 – Resistance variations Page 48 Page 49 – Disturbance factors at thermographic ins Page 19 — Emissivity tables Wallpaper slight pattern, light 0.

This manual also for: Page Index — M Language measurement label: Page 19 — Emissivity tables Aluminum anodized, light 0. Determining The Emissivity 16 — Thermographic measurement techniques Step Action Measure the apparent temperature of the aluminum foil and write it down. Electrical regulations differ from country to country. Electrical Power System 8 — Tutorials For more information about the battery system, see section 11 — Electrical power system on page A mea- sure of the image noise level of an IR camera.


Laying Out A Measurement Area It must be repaired as soon as possible but think about the load situa- tion before a decision is made. Blackbody Radiation Such cavity radiators are commonly used as sources of radiation in temperature reference standards in the laboratory for calibrating thermo- graphic instruments, such as a FLIR Systems camera for example.

FLIR ThermaCAM EX300 User Manual

Page 19 — Emissivity tables Iron and steel polished — 0. Normal Operating Temperature 7 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations ;a4 Figure 7.

Page 98 – Electrical power system Page 99 – Physical specifications Page – Power connector Page – Relationship between fields of view and Flashing green light Battery charging in standby mode.

The trigger button does not The trigger button may have accidentally Enable the trigger button. Changing System Settings 8 — Tutorials Changing system settings 8.

Index — G inserting battery: Freezing An Image Do not use excessive force. Working With The Camera Camera Overview Camera overview Camera parts ;a1 Figure 9.


Flir ThermaCAM EX Manuals

Reflected Apparent Temperature 7 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations 7. This is the Stefan-Boltzmann formula after Josef Stefan, —, and Ludwig Boltzmann, —which states that the total emissive power of a blackbody is proportional to the fourth power of its absolute temperature. The Electromagnetic Spectrum Page 78 10 — Camera program ;a3 Figure Emissivity tables This section presents a compilation of emissivity data from the infrared literature and measurements made by FLIR Systems.

Setting Up A Color Alarm An example ez300 shown ex030 the image below.

Page 88 11 — Electrical power system Callout Description of part Battery Battery cover Release button The removable battery gives an operation time of approx. Saving An Image The battery status during charging is indicated by a number of LEDs.